tim letsch

With a powerful voice, a passionate purpose, and talent that just won’t quit Tim Letsch is an leader, speaker, and entertainer that has been engaging audiences since the first time he sang when he was 4. Tim attended college where he Majored in Vocal Performance and traveled with music groups in various parts of the country. It is there that Tim recorded for the first time.  Since then Tim has led and played in churches, prisons, bars, street corners, and music festivals all over the country.

He has been in ministry his entire adult life, since the age of 17. From youth pastor, to associate, and in 2008, Tim chartered Crossroads (C3) in Lindale Texas. It has been over 10 years of relationships, trials, laughter, and some tears along the way. He believes in doing “life” with people and it is evident from the first conversation.

Tim has been married to Cheryl for over 20 years and they have two teenage sons, a dog, and a cat.

For more information on his singing and performing, visit timletsch.com.